"Great Sound - Good Value"

The LKV Mission

LKV Research offers music lovers great sounding audio preamps and amps at affordable prices. We focus on the characteristics of each component that truly matter for sound quality and use good engineering design and extensive listening to achieve excellent performance without incurring unnecessary cost.

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Science and Art in the Service of Good Sound.

At LKV we believe that designing excellent audio components involves three fundamental steps:  (1) identifying the necessary characteristics or elements necessary for the device in question to perform well;  (2) applying sound engineering principles and techniques..

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LKV Essentials

We believe engineering, critical listening, and rigorous electronic testing go together in the design and manufacture of audio components that deliver good sound.

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Reviewer’s Reactions to the LKV Phono 2-SB

The 2-SB is LKV’s state of the art phono preamplifier, designed to enable your system to convey to your ears the emotion, drama and beauty of the music on analog LP recordings.  It has every element needed to amplify and equalize with great fidelity the minute voltages produced by the cartridge as it traces the grooves on your vinyl records.





Michael Fremer titled his Phono 2-SB review “Affordable Excellence” and concluded that very positive review by saying, “So, is the LKV Phono 2-SB 'an overachiever and a ridiculously great value for the money'? In a word, 'Yes.'" Read more...

Harry Pearson describes the Phono 2-SB as “… a great phono stage at a quite reasonable price.” Originally published on HPSoundings.com. Read more...

Tom Lyle says that the Phono 2-SB is “… one of the best phono preamplifiers I've ever had the pleasure of using in my system.” Read more...

Scott Hull awarded the Phono 2-SB a Part Time Audiophile “Best of 2013” and more recently said that, “Overall, the 2-SB seems to fall on the warm-side of sonic neutrality, with excellent dynamics and detail retrieval. It is, in a word, excellent.” Read more... Also read "An Analog Twist: Bob’s Devices 1131 Step Up Transformer" using the 2-SB. Read more...

Enjoy the Music bestowed a Blue Note Award on the Phono 2-SB, honoring it as a “Best of 2013.” Read more...

Scott Dorsey describes the Phono 2-SB as one of the three most exciting things he saw and heard at the Capital Audiofest. Read more...

Art Dudley reported that at Capital Audiofest “New Hampshire-based LKV Research demonstrated their 2-SB solid-state phono preamplifier ($2500, direct) and a prototype of their forthcoming line-level preamplifier, to very good effect.” Read more...

More about the LKV Phono 2-SB

The Phone 2-SB's very low noise and distortion allows all of the low level detail and subtle information encoded on the LP to flow to the rest of your system and to your ears.  This information conveys much of the meaning and emotion of the music and contributes to creating a believable soundstage and solid, palpable images.   The 2-SB achieves these very low levels of noise and distortion through good design:

  • Multiple stages of power supply noise control using resistor/capacitor filters, capacitance multipliers and modern IC regulators to create very smooth, quiet power rails.
  • Ultra low noise active components (jfets and bipolar transistors) biased into their quietest operating ranges.
  • Cascode amplification circuits and active current sources to assure low distortion in each amplification stage.
  • Differential (balanced) amplifier circuits to block incoming noise.
  • Signal path capacitors using accurate polypropylene dielectric to pass the musical signal without smearing.
  • Four-layer circuit boards to keep signal paths short and improve grounding.
  • Three grounding options to minimize noise and avoid ground loop hum in a variety of systems.

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News and Developments
New products, Upcoming events, Design breakthroughs and major developments at LKV.

28 Feb 2014
Analog Planet Reviews the Phono 2-SB.
Michael Fremer concludes his review by saying, “So, is the LKV Phono 2-SB 'an overachiever and a ridiculously great value for the money'? In a word, 'yes.' ” Read more...

31 Dec 2013
Part time Audiophile website designates LKV Phono 2-SB a Best of 2013 component.

01 Oct 2013
Enjoy the Music website picks the Phono 2-SB as one of its Blue Note award winners as a Best of 2013 component.

23 Jul 2013
Enjoy the Music Reviews the Phono 2-SB
Tom Lyle describes the 2_SB as “An excellent and highly Accurate phono stage….” Read the full review here.

28 Mar 2013
HPSoundings.com Phono 2-SB Preview.
Harry Pearson describes LKV’s Phono 2-SB as, “a home run … a great phono stage, at a quite reasonable price (given the cost of such), but most of all, its sly way of getting inside the soul of the music itself.”
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May 30-June 1, 2014
The Home Entertainment Show in Newport Beach, California.
LKV will be demonstrating the highly reviewed PHono 2-SB and introducing two exciting new products, the Line One preamplifier and the Veros One. Visit us in Room 627 at the Hilton and hear for yourself what al lthe buzz is about. THE Show Website.